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Welcome to the precast concrete producers resource hub. NPCA understands the dynamic challenges of our industry, and we’re here to support you as you navigate the obstacles and opportunities. In our comprehensive resource center, you’ll discover the latest information on industry hot topics, technical documents and product-specific manufacturing resources to assist your production processes and multimedia assets to further engagement.

Trending Topics

Information is a powerful tool. Use these resources to stay up-to-date on the latest issues facing the industry and create impactful programs at your facilities.

You’ll be equipped to address challenges, implement best practices and foster innovation, ensuring your business reaches new heights of efficiency and excellence.

A man in a hardhat pushes a bucket over a form as it pours concrete into the form.
Environmental Product Declarations As more state and federal agencies and local municipalities institute EPD requirements for precast concrete products, precasters need to understand what an EPD is, how it’s used and the process for securing these documents.
Sustainability It’s no longer a buzzword. Sustainable manufacturing processes and products are the standard in modern construction. The precast concrete industry continues to innovate and evolve to ensure its products are manufactured in an environmentally responsible manner.
Safety Safety is a critical component of the everyday work environment in a precast concrete facility. With the help of NPCA resources, owners and employees can establish a strong safety culture and maintain a safer work environment.

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Dive deeper into the precast concrete industry through our multimedia assets and social media channels. These resources offer dynamic and interactive platforms, providing you with first-hand industry insights, expert interviews and real-time updates. You’ll stay informed about the latest trends and connect with a vibrant precast community.

Product Resources

Find technical briefs, white papers, best practices, tools, case studies and more for precast concrete products in each of these categories.

A catch basin sits in a precast concrete yard.
Three rows of manhole risers are stacked on top of each other.
Utility vaults are stacked in a precast concrete plant yard.
A multi-arched precast concrete bridge spans a river.

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