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Latest News

Virtual and In-person Audits and Waiver Deadline Extended Though Dec. 31

In light of the continued travel restrictions in some areas across North America, the NPCA QA/QC Committee approved an extension of the current waiver policy through Friday, Dec. 31.

Renewal audits for 2021 can be of two types:

  • In-person where possible.
  • Virtual if travel and visitation restrictions are in place.

Plants that use a third-party for certifications, testing service or laboratory for annual testing and calibration requirements – such as batching scales, water meters, admixture batching equipment, compression test machines, temperature recorders, three-edge-bearing test machines, vacuum and hydrostatic testing equipment, concrete absorption, step testing and other machine calibrations – will receive a waiver on certifications, testing and calibrations through the end of 2021. The committee will re-evaluate this extension at that time.

Host a Precast Days 2021 Event

Sign up now to host Precast Days 2021 at your plant Nov.1-12. This is a unique opportunity to provide local communities with an up-close experience at a precast concrete plant.

As a host plant, you can customize your Precast Days event to align with your unique company brand, values and the products you manufacture.

Invite your suppliers. Make presentations. Conduct product demonstrations. Set up interviews with local vocational school students. Invite local public works officials. Plan something special and specific to your region of the country.

NPCA has developed a marketing campaign to increase your reach and make an impression on social media. Plus, we will handle all attendee registration logistics online.

NPCA Job Board Allows Members to Post Open Positions

NPCA is offering a new service for its members: the opportunity to post job openings for free at

Hosted on the NPCA career’s page, NPCA Producer and Associate members may submit openings by emailing the information to NPCA. These postings remain public for one month or until NPCA is notified by the company. An additional month can be requested during the final week of the original post.

Be sure to include: company name, company location, company logo, job description/requirements and where applicants should send/submit resumes

NPCA is not responsible for answering questions from applicants, so be sure to include all appropriate contact information.

To submit an open position, complete the form though the link below.