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Latest News

Be a Leader - Apply for the NPCA Board

Applications for the NPCA Board of Directors are now being considered by the Nominating Committee. Members of the NPCA Board will play a key role in guiding the association and the industry in the coming years. Applications are open through April 26, 2019. Click below for a link to our Board Call Out page, which includes an application and a job description that details the duties of a board member. Be a leader! Apply for a position on the NPCA Board of Directors.

NPCA President Search

The National Precast Concrete Association is seeking its next president. This high-profile executive leader will guide an experienced professional staff in the fast-paced environment of a national trade association. The successful candidate will have the vision and creativity to continue the growth and prosperity of an association with a long track record of innovative programming, a world-class trade show and the industry’s largest certification program.

To learn more or apply for this leadership opportunity, please review the documents on our careers page by clicking below.

Benchmarking Your Business

It’s a competitive world out there. That’s why you need access to metrics that guide you in making informed business decisions. If you are a precast concrete manufacturer, we’ve got a free tool that can provide you with a treasure trove of information about your company and how it compares to other precast firms. It’s the NPCA Annual Precast Concrete Industry Benchmarking Report. You can qualify for the free 100+ page report by completing a simple survey. See sample pages here.

Photo courtesy of PennStress