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Latest News

Apply Today for Best Practices Award

Best practices innovations on the production floor can have far reaching benefits. The NPCA Best Practices Award recognizes industry best practices and improvements that showcase the best way to do a job, treat the environment, save money, and more.

The awards are open to both producer and associate members and any industry best practice qualifies for entry. There’s no limit to what constitutes “industry best practice.” Some ideas are programs or practices regarding sustainability, lean manufacturing, resiliency, production process innovations and more. 

2020 Benchmarking Report Available in NPCA Shop

Want to see how your company compares to others in the precast concrete industry? Check out the 2020 Benchmarking Report, which is now available in the NPCA Shop. The survey includes key metrics, allowing you to make more informed business decisions. Check out an overview of the report here.

Waiver Deadline Update for NPCA Certified Plants

Due to continued travel restrictions and stay-at-home orders, the NPCA Quality Assurance/Quality Control Committee recently approved an extension for the current waiver policy through Dec. 31, 2020.

Plants that use a third-party for certifications, testing service or laboratory for annual testing and calibration requirements, such as batching scales, water meters, admixture batching equipment, compression test machines, temperature recorders, three-edge-bearing test machines, vacuum and hydrostatic testing equipment, concrete absorption, step testing and other machine calibrations, will receive a waiver on certifications, testing and calibrations through Thursday, December 31, 2020. The Committee will re-evaluate this extension at that time.