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Workers perform various jobs on the floor of a precast concrete plant.
Workers perform various jobs on the floor of a precast concrete plant.

About NPCA

The National Precast Concrete Association® (NPCA®) represents companies in the precast concrete industry. From manufacturers and suppliers to technology companies and service providers, our members reside in the United States, Canada and around the world.

Founded in 1965, NPCA’s membership includes 600+ precast concrete producer members, 300+ supplier members and 16 affiliate member organizations worldwide.

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Programs & Services

NPCA gives its members a voice in shaping the industry’s direction and access to valuable resources to help their businesses thrive. Through technical support, advocacy, education, networking and business opportunities, we help move the precast concrete industry forward.

A man in a hardhat stands with his arms crossed.
An man uses heavy equipment to work on a manhole form.
Precast concrete pipes sit in a plant product yard.
Visitors to a precast plant gather around a form as a worker explains how the plant uses the form.

About the Precast Concrete Industry

Precast is the ideal construction material for projects that endure for generations.

Precast concrete is prepared, cast and cured in a controlled factory environment, using reusable molds, also called “forms.” Once cured, precast concrete manufactured products are loaded onto trailers, driven to installation sites and installed. Precast concrete is used in the construction and building sectors for infrastructure, residential and non-residential properties, and just about any other use that the imagination allows.

Precast Industry NPCA provides reports, studies and other information that deliver a comprehensive picture of precast concrete and its vital role in the nation's economy and infrastructure.
Precast Products Precast concrete products are the backbone of our nation’s infrastructure. Explore the wide variety of products precasters manufacture at the highest level of precision.


Find out why precast concrete is the No. 1 choice for construction.