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Welcome to our comprehensive resource hub, tailored specifically for specifiers of construction materials. Here, you will discover a wealth of knowledge about the unmatched benefits of precast concrete alongside resources designed to empower engineers, architects, department of transportation personnel and other project owners in making informed decisions.

Discover Why Precast is the Solid Choice for Construction

The ease, efficiency and resilience of precast concrete makes it the ideal construction material for projects that endure generations. From lower life-cycle costs and accelerated schedules to design flexibility and precision manufacturing, precast concrete is the No. 1 solution to save time and money on your next project.

Expand Your Understanding of Precast

Through dedicated webinars and access to product-specific standards, resources, tools and case studies, you can become an expert of the utilization of precast concrete in a variety of projects.

A stadium is under construction using precast concrete for the bleachers.
Products for Every Project Precast concrete products are the backbone of infrastructure above and below ground, and they play a pivotal role in maintaining a clean, healthy and productive environment. Explore the Precast Products hub to find the solution you’re seeking for a wide range of projects.
Webinars Built for You Our annual webinar series designed specifically for engineers, department of transportation personnel and others who specify construction projects demonstrates the benefits of using precast concrete.
Expert Perspectives Our experts discuss the latest technologies and best practices as we delve deep into the industry with manufacturers, engineers and specifiers on the Breaking the Mold Podcast.

Get the Answers You Need

With decades of experience in the industry, NPCA engineers are available to answer your questions about precast concrete.

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Simplify Your Calculations

Streamline your project-planning process with our user-friendly tools that empower you to make accurate decisions efficiently, saving both time and resources. And they’re free to use.

  • Stormwater Detention Calculator
    The Stormwater Detention/Retention Calculator simplifies calculations that engineers typically use in designing stormwater systems for underground detention/retention.
  • Buoyancy Calculator
    The Buoyancy Calculator for Rectangular & Round Structures simplifies calculations engineers typically use in determining the buoyancy of a tank or manhole.
  • Manhole Sizing Guide
    This document provides a guideline for sizing round manhole structures for various sizes and angles of incoming pipe.


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