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Master Precaster

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Take your career to the next level with the Master Precaster program. This precast-specific training program includes comprehensive education courses on production, safety, technical, quality control and leadership. The Master Precaster curriculum is for both employees new to the industry who need a broad knowledge base and long-time employees who want to take the next step in their careers.

Upon completion of the Master Precaster program, graduates are recognized with a gold hard hat and diploma during a ceremony at The Precast Show.


Available Online

Production & Quality School Level I covers the basic body of knowledge that all employees at a precast concrete plant should have. This course is offered online. It is a comprehensive program devoted to addressing the key fundamentals of producing quality precast. Developed by veteran industry experts, the PQS Level I course covers each critical step of the concrete production process from start to finish, including batching and mixing, reinforcement, production practices and quality control.

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An instructor explains concepts to attendees in PQS I.

PQS II – Safety

Available online

PQSII – Safety examines safety issues associated with the precast production process. Participants will be able to identify safety hazards, apply techniques and implement programs to improve safety, lead toolbox talks and develop actions plans to address concerns.

To meet this requirement of the Master Precaster Program, participants need to complete the PQS II – Safety: Precast Module and have an OSHA 10-hour card (available locally or online), have a valid OSHA 30-hour Construction Safety Card (available locally or online) OR obtain a valid OSHA Authorized Trainer Card.

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PQS II – Production

Available at The Precast Show

PQS II – Production is designed for plant personnel who will benefit from a comprehensive understanding of precast-specific production practices. This course goes beyond the fundamentals explored in PQS Level I to prepare students to become production leaders in their plants. Topics include concrete lean manufacturing, repair procedures and techniques, reinforcement, and lifting and handling.

This course is offered annual during The Precast Show.

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A PQS II - Production attendee puts pegs into a board as quickly as he can.

PQS II – Technical

Available as a webinar

PQS II – Technical explores the technical aspects of the manufactured concrete production process. The course focuses on basic mechanics, the basics of design theory for concrete elements, proper lifting of products, reading and understanding blueprints, and standards and specifications.

Completion of the PQS II – Technical Math Prep online course is required to participate in this course. It is offered annually as a five-day webinar.

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Available online

A well-executed Quality Control program is vital to the success of a precast operation. PQS II – QA/QC covers aggregate gradations analysis, aggregate moistures, hot-temperature concrete and cold- temperature concrete. Attendees will learn why water-to-cement ratio is so critical to concrete properties and the need for frequent testing to assess water absorption and movement in concrete. Additional topics include the Maturity Method, reinforcing and averages and trends in data.


PQS III – Leadership

Available at The Precast Show

Whether you are looking to hone your leadership skills or expand your career opportunities, PQS III – Leadership will help you reach the next stage of your career. This course will explore current leadership principles to strengthen your management styles and leadership skills with traditional and cross-cultural workforces at precast concrete manufacturing facilities. Topics include leading by example, communication, how to hire and train new employees, resolving conflict and improving performance.

This course is offered annually at The Precast Show.

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Additional In-Person Opportunity

PQS III – Leadership will be offered Sept. 24-25 in Tucson, Ariz., at the JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort & Spa.
Participants in this school are required to attend both days of class and pass the exam to obtain a certificate of course completion. Please plan your travel arrangements accordingly.
Class attendance is limited to 30 people due to the available room size, so please register early!

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Attendees of the PQS III - Leadership class build a tower out of paper and masking tape.


Earn your gold hardhat. Become a Master Precaster.