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Precast Concrete Industry

Precast is the ideal construction material for projects that endure for generations.

Precast concrete is prepared, cast and cured in a controlled factory environment, using reusable molds, also called “forms.” Once cured, precast concrete manufactured products are loaded onto trailers, driven to installation sites and installed. Precast concrete is used in the construction and building sectors for infrastructure, residential and non-residential properties, and just about any other use that the imagination allows.

These sustainable, resilient and affordable products significantly reduce the time for construction, number of workers, and cost. The gradual shifting of building contractors and customers toward eco-friendly and cost-effective modern building designs has helped to fuel precast concrete market growth.

Precast Industry Data

NPCA provides reports, studies and other information that delivers a comprehensive picture of precast concrete and its vital role in the nation’s economy and infrastructure.

U.S. Precast Concrete Market Report 2022

The precast concrete industry is known for the strength, durability and resilience of its products. But these qualities also apply to the industry itself. During the past five years, the precast concrete industry has experienced strong growth, outpacing similar industries in adding new facilities and employing a growing workforce. With $25.8 billion in total revenue in 2022, the industry continues to lead the way in modernizing the nation’s vital infrastructure.

A new report from the National Precast Concrete Association details the economic impact of the industry in the United States:

Precast Concrete Products

Precast concrete products are the backbone of our nation’s infrastructure. Here are just a few examples of the products precasters manufacture:

Precast concrete barriers sit in front of the U.S. Capitol building.
Precast concrete pieces form a pass-through along the Monon Trail.
A precast curb inlet is installed along a roadway.
Seen from inside a precast concrete pipe, other pipes rest at a project site.


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