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Stormwater Management

A expansive stormwater management system spans a project site.

When heavy rainfall overwhelms a stormwater system, precast concrete underground stormwater systems are used to hold the water for delayed release (detention) or for beneficial reuse (retention). Precast concrete structures are critical components for stormwater Best Management Practices used to improve urban stormwater quality through mechanical or natural processes. Precast concrete systems withstand not only the volumes of water flowing inside them but also extreme loading conditions on the outside.


ASTM C890: Practice for Minimum Structural Design Loading for Monolithic or Sectional Precast Concrete Water and Wastewater Structures

ASTM C913: Specification for Precast Concrete Water and Wastewater Structures

ASTM C1478: Standard Specification for Storm Drain Resilient Connectors Between Reinforced Concrete Storm Sewer Structures, Pipes and Laterals

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