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Improve employee retention and boost productivity with a comprehensive onboarding program developed specifically for the precaster.

Program Highlights

  • Availabiity
    • 24/7/365 Access
    • Multiple Employees
  • Exclusive Content
    • 3 Modules/14 Video Classes
    • 20-plus Hours of Video Content
    • 3 Exams
    • Resource Guide
  • Low Introductory Fee
    • $395/Year Per Location for Members

Is your company benefiting from an onboarding process?

Implementing a comprehensive onboarding program can help your company meet the challenges of today’s economy. Helping new hires feel like valued and integral parts of your company and providing them with a vision for a long-term career path from Day 1 can help your company attract and retain quality employees.

69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experienced great onboarding.

Recruiting Daily

50% greater new-hire productivity experienced by organizations with a standard onboarding process.

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Program Overview

Interested in NPCA’s new Onboarding Program? Here’s a look at all the resources you’ll receive to help build your onboarding experience.

  • Module 1: Introductory Series
    • A Day in the Life of a Precaster
    • Intro to the Precast Industry
    • The Hard Facts of Precast
    • Intro to Plant Safety
    • Module 1 Exam
  • Module 2: Development Series
    • Precast 101
    • Quality 101
    • Safety 101
    • Module 2 Exam
  • Module 3: Role-Based Series
    • Reinforcement Assembly
    • Consolidation of Precast Products
    • Working with Formwork
    • Form Release Application
    • Placing and Finishing Concrete
    • Post-Pour Inspection of Concrete
    • Storage of Precast Products
    • Module 3 Exam


Improve employee retention and boost productivity with the onboarding program.