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Specifier Webinars

Designed specifically for engineers, department of transportation personnel and others who specify construction projects to learn more about the benefits of using precast concrete.

Hear from the precast concrete industry’s best and brightest minds on its applications and benefits.

Discover how precast manufacturers are adapting to emerging technologies and evolving standards.

Learn more about how precast products can help you meet project goals quickly and efficiently.

2023 Webinar Series

REPLAY AVAILABLE: Research on Precast Concrete Barriers

Precast concrete barriers (PCBs) have been employed by state transportation agencies for many years to protect vehicle occupants and construction workers. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has identified a need to better define the service life of PCBs. Currently there are no federal guidelines for determining the service life of PCBs, and surprisingly little research has conducted to date, yet severely damaged barriers that are not replaced could pose a significant safety risk. However, replacing lightly damaged barriers due to a lack of a defining set of criteria imposes an economic burden on state transportation agencies, especially when such barriers could either be repaired or continue to perform adequately beyond their intended service life without repair or replacement. The research team at the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) performed parametric studies and full-scale tests on damaged barrier sections to determine the extent to which PCBs may sustain damage and still perform their intended function of keeping the traveling public safe.
Speaker: Dr. Chaira Dobrovolny, Vice President of Engineering, Hill and Smith Inc.

REPLAY AVAILABLE: Longer Lasting Concrete with Coatings and Sealers

Concrete is the most widely used construction material in the world thanks in large part to its strength, durability, sustainability, ease of production and accessibility of raw materials. In certain conditions, however, concrete requires additional durability-enhancement measures to preserve or improve its integrity throughout a structure’s or system’s service life. During this session, we will discuss concrete durability in a variety of common exposure environments and the corresponding durability-enhancement strategies for each.

Speaker: Kayla Hanson, P.E., Technical Resource Engineer at Concrete Sealants

REPLAY AVAILABLE: Precast Stormwater Management Solutions – Detention Systems

As green space continues to be replaced by impervious surfaces such as pavements and roofs, communities across the United States are challenged to manage the increasing stormwater runoff to avoid flooding, erosion, sewer overflows and water contamination. Precast concrete manufacturers offer a variety of products that can detain, treat, harvest, and mimic the natural processes of stormwater management. During this session, we will go through examples of precast stormwater management systems with a specific focus on stormwater detention and infiltration systems. We will examine design aspects with a focus on important considerations when sizing and laying out a detention system.

Speakers: Kathryn Thomason, P.E., Water Resources Engineer, and Joseph Ackermann, P.E., Senior Stormwater Solutions Engineer, Oldcastle Infrastructure

REPLAY AVAILABLE: Building Smarter with Climate Resilient Infrastructure

Climate change is having a profound effect on communities around the world. Unpredictable weather patterns are resulting in damaging natural events such as flooding and wildfires. Intersecting with this trend is a long overdue investment in America’s infrastructure, resulting in many roads, bridges, sewers and other utilities undergoing replacement or rehabilitation. A community’s ability to recover from natural disasters is significantly impacted by its infrastructure’s ability to withstand extreme conditions. During this session, we will define the key elements of a climate-resilient infrastructure. We will discuss design strategies that don’t just focus on the individual systems but consider potential vulnerabilities and interdependencies in lifeline systems such as transportation, energy, communication and water/wastewater infrastructure.

Speaker: Claude Goguen, P.E., NPCA Director of Outreach & Technical Education

REPLAY AVAILABLE: Getting the Most Out of Partnerships with Precast Concrete Suppliers

In the construction business, success is influenced by relationships. Owners, designers, contractors and suppliers must establish partnerships that foster trust, communication and value. As the use of precast concrete products continues to expand in infrastructure and building construction projects, precast suppliers and contractors are working together more than ever. The contractor-precast product supplier relationship is key to delivering a successful project. During this session, we will examine how a strong relationship can result in added value during different phases of a project. We will discuss finding a supplier that aligns with a company’s goals and communicates openly about its products and new technology.

Speaker: Carson McCain, Precast Concrete Engineer and Structural Design Engineer, Kiewit Engineering Group Inc.

2022 Webinar Series

REPLAY AVAILABLE: 5 Keys to Watertight Precast Concrete Septic Tanks

REPLAY AVAILABLE: New Technologies in Precast Concrete Manufacturing and Applications

REPLAY AVAILABLE: The Role of Precast Concrete in Decentralized Onsite Wastewater Treatment

REPLAY AVAILABLE: Precast Sanitary and Stormwater Structures – Meeting Applicable Standards


"The webinar on septic tanks last Thursday was very well done. It's the second NPCA webinar I have attended this season, and both were very well put together and presented. Often the mechanics of webinar delivery diminish the effectiveness of the presentation, but not in this case. All parts of it were very professionally done."
Thomas L. Klemens, P.E.

Learn more about how precast concrete can provide durable, resilient and flexible solutions.