Participating plants will receive new and improved resources in conjunction with a wide public awareness campaign.

Like any newcomer to the precast concrete industry, Precast Days has grown and changed with experience.

The annual event began as a weeklong effort to coordinate open houses at precast plants. It’s expanded to a monthlong celebration in October populated by a variety of events, from plant tours and educational sessions to employee picnics and community cookouts.

As precasters start preparing for Precast Days 2024 or contemplate whether to participate, they’ll find a host of new resources available this summer to support their planning, help them reach out to officials and build excitement for their event.

And, this year, participating plants will have national support in their celebration of precast. NPCA will share social media posts all month long promoting precast as the foundation of modern life and positioning the industry as a place to find a lifelong and rewarding career.


Precast Days is an opportunity for manufacturers to provide their communities – however they define that term – with an up-close experience at a precast concrete plant. It’s a chance to show people firsthand what precast is and teach them about the company and its values, goals and, of course, products. And it’s the perfect forum to build relationships with elected officials,business partners, specifiers and the next generation of workers.

During a Precast Days event, companies can:

  • Celebrate the company and employees. Host a cookout with employees’ families. Mark the team’s achievements during the past year.
  • Create new business relationships. Conduct an open house, and invite customers, specifiers and suppliers.
  • Connect with the community. Host chamber of commerce and local and state officials.
  • Grow their workforce. Have a job fair. Invite students from local high schools and trade schools.

Each event can be as unique as the company and its culture. There are no rules. Each company decides what works best for its operation and goals.

Speaking of goals, that’s a great first step in planning a Precast Days event. Determine a few desired outcomes, whether it’s attracting more business, expanding the workforce, building relationships with lawmakers or celebrating company achievements. Once these goals are determined, it’s easier to build a successful event.


Goals determined. Events planned. Now what?

Registration for Precast Days opens in July. Look for notices from NPCA in Precast Express and social media that it’s time to register, and head to to sign up. This simply indicates a plant will participate and lets NPCA know to share resources with company representatives.

After a plant completes the registration form, the lead representative will receive an email welcoming them to Precast Days and giving them instructions on how to find and utilize all the resources available in the host kit.

The host kit will include:

  • Build-Your-Event Calendar: Starting at three months out, this calendar provides detailed steps for executing a successful event, no matter how big or small. Using the checklists will ensure nothing is forgotten. With the Precast Days celebrations coming right on the on the heels of the 59th Annual Convention, getting an early start will be key.
  • Examples of Past Events: Some companies host plant tours. Others invite students for job fairs. And some host a day designed to educate specifiers on the benefits of precast. There’s plenty of room for creativity and individuality.
  • Who to Invite List: Depending on the event’s goals, the guest list could include lawmakers, officials, specifiers, community members, students or employees. This list aligns the goals with the audience.
  • Attendee Invite Examples: These examples offer suggestions on what attendees need to know and how to entice them to save the date.
  • Press Release: The draft can be customized to suit a plant’s specific event and sent to media or officials in the area to let them know a Precast Days is happening near them.
  • Sample Letters for Legislators: It’s important to know how to contact lawmakers and get past staff who filter out low-priority correspondence. These letters will demonstrate how to make an event attractive to busy officials.
  • Links to Find Lawmaker Contacts: Find the right legislators and staff members to invite.
  • Flyer: Whether posted on a community bulletin board or shared on social media, a flyer is a great way to attract attendees. The flyer is customizable to individual events.
  • Social Media Examples: If a Precast Days event is open to the public, social media is the perfect way to spread the word. These ready-made social media images are customizable for all the major platforms.

There’s also a webinar available on the Precast Days website. “If You Build It They Will Come” details Shea Concrete’s experience in building out its annual event.


Precast Days won’t be isolated to manufacturers hosting open-house events.

It is evolving into an NPCA-driven initiative that creates a monthlong focus on precast concrete, how it makes modern civilization possible and the career opportunities it provides.

Throughout October, NPCA will conduct a public education campaign in conjunction with the events held nationwide at member facilities. In addition to promoting resources already available at, NPCA will share videos, infographics and more on the basics of precast, its benefits and the types of jobs available. This material will be disseminated through social media and email, giving members the opportunity to share in the messaging and effort.

NPCA also will assist members in reaching out to officials in their cities and states. Members will be provided with the tools they need to educate lawmakers and specifiers on the versatility, durability and sustainability of precast.

For more information, contact Christy Denault, NPCA Vice President of Marketing and Communications, at