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Committees have been a strong foundation for NPCA’s growth for many years, addressing major industry issues and responding to challenges and opportunities.

What are NPCA Committees?

NPCA committees promote the association and the precast concrete industry and work to fulfill the association’s strategic plan. Committees have specific roles within NPCA and operate under the discretion of the NPCA Board of Directors. All committees are subject to the NPCA Bylaws and the guidelines of the Indiana Nonprofit Corporation Act of 1991.

All NPCA committees are populated by volunteers who are either Producer members or Associate members, members of academia or specifiers.

There are two types of committees:

Board Committees

These committees were created by the Board to address major industry issues:

  • Education: Provides direction on content and delivery for educational offerings to the NPCA membership to advance the precast concrete industry.
  • Engineering & Technology: Reviews and approves all committee technical documents and identifies and develops industry best practices.
  • Outreach: Provides direction on how best to connect with target audiences to expand precast concrete usage.
  • Safety: Provides safety-related resources to NPCA members and oversees the annual Safety Awards.
  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control: Oversees the NPCA Plant Certification Program, reviews the NPCA Quality Control Manual for Precast Concrete Plants and maintains a Quality Assurance Review Subcommittee to hear appeals.
  • Buy Clean Competitiveness: Provides education and information involved in environmental concerns for precast plants including environmental product declarations (EPDs); methods of positively affecting the EPD, including energy conservation, recycling, material procurement and carbon capture; ISO 14001 roadmap; stormwater pollution prevention and air pollution prevention.

Product Committees

These committees support members who produce the related products of the committee by providing guidance on manufacturing practices and by identifying opportunities to expand and improve the market:

  • Transportation Infrastructure Products: Supports members involved in manufacturing precast prefabricated bridge elements and systems (PBES) for Accelerated Bridge Construction; jointed precast concrete paving slabs; precast concrete traffic barriers; precast railroad ties; and tunnel segments
  • Underground Products & Infrastructure: Supports members involved in manufacturing manholes; pipe; 3-sided box culvert; 3-sided small bridges and wing walls; Long span 4-side box structures [ > 12’ span, outside of scope of C1577, C1433]; utility structures; inlets and catch basins; and stormwater detention and treatment
  • Wastewater Products: Supports members involved in manufacturing aeration/septic tanks; grease interceptors; oil/water separators; accessories; cisterns, holding tanks, leaching tanks; wastewater treatment plants; and pump stations

What’s Involved in Serving on a Committee?

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Participate actively in the work of the committee.
  • Complete all committee assignments within the agreed-upon time frame.
  • Serve as requested on task forces and subcommittees.
  • Other specific duties and responsibilities may vary by specific committee.

Attendance Requirements

  • Attend the Precast Show, Committee Week and the Annual Convention.
  • Attend all committee meetings and conference calls.
  • New committee member terms begins at the Annual Convention. The existing committee and the new committees will both meet at the Annual Convention.

Why Should I Join A Committee?

There are numerous benefits to serving on an NPCA Committee. Joining a committee offers opportunities to:

  • Build Relationships.
  • Serve in a Leadership Role.
  • Increase Your Knowledge of the Industry.
  • Foster Innovation in Precast and Beyond.
  • Contribute to Advancement of Industry.

Applications are now open for the 2024-25 term. Submit your application for consideration today!