The Virginia Department of Transportation announced Wednesday that it is considering pay adjustments for state construction projects to counter the escalation of steel prices.

Companies operating in Virginia that accepted a state-sponsored project between Jan. 1 and Aug. 1, 2022, can request a pay adjustment change order pursuant to sections 104.02 and 106.12 of the VDOT Roads and Bridges Specifications.

According to a release by State Construction Engineer Kerry A. Bates, P.E., these adjustments apply only to cost changes that occurred between the date of bid receipt and date of delivery to the fabricator.

This price adjustment is for steel material that is permanently incorporated into a project per the department’s approved design,” Bates said in the release. “Steel material incorporated in the project for the contractor’s convenience will be excluded from this adjustment.”

Any items that received the price adjustment listed in Form C-21C under Special Provision for Price Adjustments for Steel are not be eligible for further adjustment.

All documentation must be emailed to by Oct. 1 with a copy to the area construction engineer. Required documentation includes, “material price quotes, bid papers, purchase orders or other similar documentation that accurately reflects the anticipated price per pound from the producing mill at the time of bid and the difference between the anticipated escalated price and the actual free onboard price paid, inclusive of applicable taxes, at the time the material was shipped to the manufacturer or fabricator.”

No price adjustment will be made for manufacturing, fabrication, shipping, storage or handling. No price adjustment will be made for steel shipped from the mill prior to the project letting date.

Read the full release from the Virginia DOT.