The National Precast Concrete Association will be featured in an upcoming episode of “World’s Greatest!,” a show featured on Bloomberg Television that highlights and examines unique companies around the world.

Show producers How2Media selected NPCA as a prime example of an international trade association in how it represents its members, helping them become more competitive through technology, innovation, workforce development and education.

The segment includes interviews with NPCA President and CEO Fred Grubbe and NPCA Chair of the Board Joel Sheets. Video goes behind the scenes at NPCA member facility Tindall Infrastructure in Spartanburg, S.C., where Sheets is senior vice president of operations – infrastructure. Footage shows precast concrete throughout production stages as it is molded and shaped into the products that build U.S. infrastructure.

“NPCA is a unique organization in which staff and membership work hand-in-hand to raise the bar across the industry to ensure that quality precast products are manufactured, produced and installed regardless of origin,” Sheets said. “Since 1965, NPCA has helped precast manufacturers to continually monitor, manage and improve product quality, becoming the best in the business.”