The White House announced this week that $110 billion of the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure act has been released to the states to fund early projects, focusing mostly on on fixing roads, expanding broadband access and improving the electrical grid.
This week marks six months since the bill was signed into law.

The initial $110 billion includes funding for more than 4,300 projects. Another $100 billion worth of projects are in the bidding phase now.

The total amount is scheduled to be allocated throughout the next decade, including:

  • Approximately $550 billion for roads and bridges.
  • $65 billion for expanded broadband.
  • $66 billion for railways.
  • $55 billion for water infrastructure
  • $39.2 billion in transit improvements.
  • $5 billion for electric vehicle charging stations.

Most of these projects include the opportunity for precast concrete products within the specifications.