New Jersey

Precast Goes to School

New Jersey’s first precast concrete school creates a sound space for a growing student body.

By Leslie Lichtenburg

A burgeoning student population and a fast-track schedule for building classroom additions at two district middle schools led to the recent construction of New Jersey’s first precast concrete school facilities.

The $5.2 million contract with the Roselle Board of Education paved the way for a 21-classroom addition at the Grace Wilday Junior High School and a four-classroom structure at the Leonard Moore Middle School. These are two of the six schools that make up the Roselle Borough Public Schools in Roselle, N.J. The Wilday School, located in Roselle’s Union County, enrolls 217 students in grades 5 through 7. Nearby Leonard Moore Middle School houses 482 students, also in grades 5 through 7. Construction began in June 2004 and was completed two months later. Read More »