Quality Control Manual

The 2013 QC Manual

What can NPCA Certified Plants expect in the 10th Edition of the Quality Control Manual?

By Phillip Cutler, P.E.

The NPCA Quality Assurance Committee, which met in June during Committee Week in Indianapolis, has once again set a course toward timely changes and improvements to the requirements in the NPCA Quality Control Manual for Precast and Prestressed Plants, and to propel the NPCA Certification Program forward by voting to raise the bar on quality.

The Committee members made a number of editorial changes. For example, they corrected an error in language under the prestressed requirement of Section 1.1.3, and amended the last paragraph of Section 4.1.5 under “Machine Made or Dry-Cast Products” to read, “If nonconforming product is discovered, the plant shall immediately correct all nonconformances.” Read More »

New Architectural Content in the 8th Edition of the NPCA Quality Control Manual

By Claude Goguen, P.E., LEED AP

As the precast concrete industry continues to evolve, the diversity of product lines continues to grow. The National Precast Concrete Association’s Plant Certification Program is part of this dynamic industry evolution and continues to adapt to meet member needs. To address the growth in the architectural precast sector, NPCA has added new content to its Quality Control Manual for Precast and Prestressed Concrete. Most of the architectural content will be found in Chapter 4 – Production Practices; however additional information related to architectural precast has been added throughout the manual. The process of furnishing fabrication drawings and mock-ups can be found in Chapter 1 – General, for example. Read More »