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This month we are pleased to feature Eull’s Manufacturing as part of our Meet a Precaster blog series. Answers were provided by Joseph Eull, president of Eull’s Manufacturing.

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Eull's Manufacturing

Precast Concrete Manhole RingsQ: Where are you located?
A: We are located in St. Michael, Minn., part of the Twin Cities metropolitan area.

Q: How did your company get its start?
A: Eull’s Manufacturing was started in our parents’ back yard in 1962 by Ken, Rollie and Art Eull. All three had worked in sewer and water construction and saw a need to supply concrete manhole rings to contractors.

Q: What value does NPCA bring to your company and to the industry?
A: Although we have not been exceptionally active as NPCA members, we appreciate the educational value, message consistency, national exposure and credibility NPCA provides for our industry.

Precast Concrete WallQ: How have the relationships you’ve developed through NPCA membership impacted your business?
A: Some of our best relationships in this industry are with fellow NPCA members. In fact, our NPCA membership is directly related to the past efforts of Jim Adams at Cretex.

Q: What are the top advantages of utilizing precast concrete products?
We believe the primary advantages of using precast concrete products are durability and constant improvement. The industry’s successful history of providing quality and long-lasting products – coupled with a promising future driven by research and technology – will continue to yield superior end-use products.

Q: What’s the most interesting or unique precast project you’ve worked on?
As Minnesota’s exclusive license producer of the Redi-Rock big block retaining wall system, one of our most interesting projects took place along the I-94 corridor in downtown Minneapolis. The project – located between the Lowry Hill Tunnel and Cretin Vandalia exit – presented many challenges, the biggest of which being the delivery and installation of the big block system along one of the busiest corridors in the Twin City area. Through the careful coordination of the general contractor (Valley Paving) and big block wall installer (Rosti Construction), this difficult but highly visible project was completed on time.

Precast Concrete Wall

Q: What drives you and your employees to produce quality precast concrete products?
A: Our history, reputation and marketplace recognition drive us to produce the best, most sought after concrete manhole grade rings in the region. We take pride in knowing our products are at the heart of most manhole projects in Minnesota, and that our rings have performed admirably under our state’s notoriously difficult weather conditions.

Q: What makes precast concrete an even better product today than it has ever been in the past?
A: This isn’t our father’s or grandfather’s Oldsmobile. Precast concrete products are better today due to generational changes that have improved what we do and how we do it.

Q: How do you see the precast concrete industry – and your company in particular – evolving in the future?
 We believe the future is bright for Eull’s Manufacturing and for our industry as long as we remain focused on quality and are willing to promote the benefits and advantages of precast concrete products. We are grateful that NPCA is a vocal advocate for the industry as a whole.

Eull's Manufacturing Truck

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