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Quality: It’s a simple word, but one that means everything to members of the National Precast Concrete Association.

We recognize the dedication of our members to ensure quality, which is exactly why we will be featuring photos of producer member products on our Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you are an NPCA member in good standing and have an interesting product or project photo to share, let us know.

Pinnacle Award

Click here to submit your photo to NPCA and we will feature your product or project as our cover photo on Facebook and Twitter.

Meet a Precaster and Awards Programs

Want to share your success with us in other ways? Consider taking part in our “Meet a Precaster” series, or enter into one or more of our awards programs for The Precast Show 2014.

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In addition to daily news and updates from the precast concrete and construction industries, we have also been running several new features.

Our “Throwback Thursday” posts feature a photo from the NPCA archives.

“Feedback Friday” posts invite our audience to answer questions such as “What is your favorite precast concrete product and why?”

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NPCA shares tweets covering the precast concrete industry as well as news updates about the economy, infrastructure and beyond with more than 2,000 followers.

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Members of the NPCA Group engage in discussions ranging from new products and advancements within the precast concrete industry to upcoming events and webinars.

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Our YouTube channel contains a variety of content connected to the precast concrete industry.

Learn more about past Robert E. Yoakum Award winners, check out our virtual plant tours or discover the benefits of joining an NPCA committee.

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NPCA’s Flickr page contains nearly 3,000 photos of products and events. We feature photos from each year’s Precast Show and Annual Convention following the event.

View all of our photos here.

We look forward to connecting with you.

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