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foundation.precast“Support NPCAEF.” As members, you see that request often enough, but do you really know what NPCAEF is all about?

Formed in 1989, the NPCA Educational Foundation has awarded more than $350,000 in educational scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in civil engineering, architectural and construction-related curriculum. Almost 100 students have benefited from the foundation’s philosophy of introducing the features and advantages of precast concrete products to students through scholarship opportunities. Their increased knowledge of our industry no doubt creates a better educated specifying community and adds “pro-precast” employees to construction-related industries!

The diverse range of universities represented by NPCAEF scholars includes local and regional colleges as well as internationally known institutions such as Yale, Purdue and MIT.

The Foundation helped launch the careers of dozens of civil engineers, architects, construction industry management professionals and future precasters. A former recipient, Aaron Ausen, is giving back through his service on the NPCAEF Board of Directors. A 2006 civil engineering graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Aaron is a third-generation precaster at Dalmaray Concrete Products in Janesville, Wis. He adds valuable perspective to the work of the Foundation because he is passionate about both precasting and education.

A more recent scholarship recipient, Rebecca Jackson, just graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While at MIT, she joined the campus chapter of Engineers Without Borders, and spent seven weeks last summer in Uganda, helping a community construct a rainwater catchment system that is significantly improving the quality of life in the village.

These are just two of many examples of NPCAEF scholarship recipients, who are not only the future of the construction industry, but in many ways the future of our country. They’re the generation who will rebuild aging infrastructure and use their education to find innovative new ways to work. Whether they manage a precast plant, like Aaron, or move into positions throughout the construction industry, they’ll know more about the enormous potential of precast concrete because of their involvement with the NPCAEF.

Want to help NPCAEF with its mission?  It’s easy, and there are lots of options!

Contribute directly to NPCAEF, sponsor or participate in NPCAEF events, donate to or buy from the upcoming Silent Auction. Make a donation in memory of or in honor of NPCA members and friends! If you’re in the precast concrete industry, find one of these young students, give them a tour of your plant and sponsor their scholarship application.

Whatever you do, remember that your participation helps NPCAEF ensure that future generations of precasters, architects, engineers and builders are there – qualified and ready – to help our industry grow. You’ll be glad you did!

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Chairman, National Precast Concrete Association

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